Top 5 Best No-Clog Toilets for Big Stools • (2021 Reviews)

by | Last Updated Jan 11, 2021

Are you dealing with a persistent clogging issue due to large stools? Since nobody wants that problem on their hands – or in this case their bums – it’s essential to choose the right toilet for the job. The top toilet brands are very, very aware of this issue, and they already have solutions in place. With the help of gravity and power-assist, they’ve developed powerful flushing systems that use little water. It’s actually quite amazing.

In this guide, I share the 5 top-rated no-clog toilets for big stools, reviews of each model, and the pros & cons according to owner reports. By the time you leave here today, you’ll be well on your way to getting rid of your clogging issue for good.

Best No-Clog Toilet Reviews

In each review below, I share our thoughts about each of our top picks and the pros & cons according to current users. Each model featured below sports an enhanced flushing system that you won’t find in the cheapest toilets. However, we did manage to put together a list to fit every budget.

1. Toto CST744SL Drake Two-Piece ADA Toilet

Toto’s Drake model is the whole enchilada of no-clog toilets. The backbone of this toilet is the G-Max flushing system that’s one of the best you’ll find on the market. In addition to the G-Max system, the Drake is comfort-height, which means it sits higher than your average toilet. A higher toilet equals more gravity and more suction. Plus, it’s a good choice for seniors, the elderly, tall folks, and people with bad knees.

The Drake uses 1.6 GPF, which is higher than most of the top water-efficient models currently available. If you’re concerned about water usage, there are models later in the guide with lower GPF. If you’re unconcerned about water usage, 1.6 GPF is advantageous for people with big stools. The extra water might be all you need to make sure there’s no stragglers, double flushes, or clogging issues.

Outside of the flushing system, the Drake is a handsome toilet that spruces up any bathroom. The elongated bowl is more comfortable for men, and everyone in general. One thing to consider is the Drake does not include a seat. Your best option is to stick with a Toto SoftClose seat or Toto Japanese-style bidet seat for an optimal f