Top 5 Best Japanese-Style Toilet Reviews • (2022 Buyer’s Guide)

by | Last Updated Jan 31, 2022

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Are you ready to upgrade to a Japanese-style toilet? Compared to the everyday chafing effect of toilet paper, Japanese bidets are a dream come true. Most people who experience the bliss firsthand during a trip to Japan end up never looking back. What is the best Japanese toilet brand? The top dog in the Japanese toilet space is definitely Toto. However, that also means that Toto models are the most expensive. In this article, I share the 5 best Japanese toilets and seats that give you the best value for the money.

You’ll find both premium and budget options. Also, before we get started, it’s important to note that Japanese toilets are the same thing as bidets. They’re often referred to as bidet-toilet combos, bidet attachments, washlets, or bidet seats. The key difference is toilets have bidets built into them, bidet seats connect to your existing toilet, and attachments attach to your existing toilet seat.

In this guide, I share all three types with you to fit every budget. You’ll explore the king of Japanese toilets all the way down to a good entry-level option. If this is your first bidet, it’s a good idea to get a starter bidet. While most people quickly fall in love with bidets, you might still prefer TP.

Additionally, you may have to experiment by giving a couple of bidets a test drive before landing on your perfect stream. The key is to find a bidet that completely eliminates the need for TP. This is not the easiest task. If one thing is for sure, Toto gives you the best chance of getting rid of TP altogether.

Best Japanese Toilet Reviews

I organized the reviews below to start with the most premium option down to the cheapest or “best value” option. As I mentioned above, if you’re new to bidets you may want to consider the budget options first. Then, once you confirm how you feel about owning one, graduate to the next level.

Along with our thoughts on each model, we include the pros & cons of ownership. We always recommend considering the pros & cons before buying a toilet or seat. This way, you know exactly what to expect.

1. TOTO Neorest NX2 (MS901CUMFX#01)